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11-May-2015 19:07

In every respect you personify the ideal of an active citizen. About infrastructure and big investments and you had a great piece in the Financial Review about those ideas only the other day and I have to say that I often find that we are very much of the same mind so you’re an inspiration.

Engaged in every aspect of your life in business, in philanthropy, in sport, in public affairs. Incurably curious about the world and you have a very old school attitude to public service. And of course the Lowy institute, in little more than a decade, has become Australia’s unquestioned leading think tank on international affairs.

Sympathy, love, condolences but unflinching solidarity in the face of this global threat. The terrorist attacks in Brussels remind us once again of the global threat of terrorism, the need to be vigilant at home, to maintain the security of our borders, to ensure our laws provide our security forces with the tools they need to keep us safe and, of course, to continue to support our allies in the battle against the terrorists of ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

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Bernard Squarcini, a former head of France’s internal intelligence service, described these factors as creating a favourable ecosystem for an Islamist milieu.Now Frank you asked us to stand in a moment’s silence in solidarity with the people of Belgium and showing our love and our condolences for the victims of the shocking attacks in Brussels.The Belgian Ambassador Jean-Luc Bodson is here with us today and I say to you Ambassador that we are all united with Belgium in this battle against terror.You don’t just write out a cheque you get involved boots and all. It’s deepened the debate in Australia about the world and it’s given us a greater voice internationally.

It really would be very difficult to imagine the foreign policy landscape in Australia today without the Lowy Institute, it’s a remarkable achievement.

For all intents and purposes there are no internal borders in Europe, that has been a great achievement of openness, and the external borders are difficult to manage.

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