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"I'm down like this, and 'boom,' 'boom.' I'm like 'whoa! Police say a stolen Toyota Camry, driven by a 16-year-old boy, was speeding northbound on N. "They have to go through the house to make sure the walls don’t have asbestos in it so I’m not in the clear just yet," Stautner said.

42nd when the teenage driver disregarded a stop sign -- colliding with a Chrysler 300 that was headed westbound on Fairmount. Police say the 16-year-old driver of the stolen vehicle and his 20-year-old passenger were very seriously hurt. Stautner says she was out having dinner when the crash happened.

"We consistently try to communicate to the rest of the system that a stolen car is not just a property crime.

It`s a crime of violence," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

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"Someone walked up from the park that I knew, and told me he seen that car flying down the street and he just went straight through," Nathan Williams Sr. Despite his age, the teenager has an arrest record that dates back to 2010, as does his 20-year-old passenger.

"They're arresting these kids and all they're doing is slapping them on the hand and letting them go. The stolen Camry was taken about three weeks ago -- on July 10th near 9th and North, police say, after its keys were left in the car.

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LONDON (Reuters) - The heartwarming true story of a stray cat that helped change the life of a London busker musician gets a big screen adaptation in "A Street Cat Named Bob" that premiered in the British capital on Thursday.MILWAUKEE -- Four people were taken to the hospital -- two with very serious injuries after a crash caused by a teenager speeding in a stolen car. Police say they were not in pursuit of the car when the accident happened. Glass and plastic was scattered across the roadway at the scene of the crash on Monday. Police say that's where the stolen car came to rest after the crash.Arnold Jackson on Sunday evening was pulling weeds in front of his neighbor's home when he heard the crash. Stautner says she's relieved to have learned the foundation is still solid but adds more testing is needed.

Hoping for humps Neighbors said they've petitioned the city for speed bumps in the area. The Common Council's Public Works Committee is scheduled to vote on the proposed humps at its September 7 meeting.A spokeswoman from Department of Public Works said Tuesday there are two speed humps proposed for placement along Fairmount Ave. If approved by the committee, then by the full council, DPW says it would install the humps by the end of 2016.