101 rules for dating leykis

25-Jul-2015 02:32

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Personally, I think he's a really cool guy and knows his stuff and pulls no punches when discussing men/women relationships.

However, I do dislike him for running that unkind Lacy Peterson "Take me out Tom" skit (making a hammer on the head sound with drowning bubbles), as she was a truly beautiful (pregnant) woman that didn't deserve to be murdered by her SOB husband.

His stereotyping and over-generalizations benefit no one but his advertisers, I've never met a student of Leykis 101 who wasn't lonely and unhappy.

I don't think it's too smart to take relationship advice from someone who's been married and divorced four times.

And for the life of me, I can't understand how he or anyone else thinks that's funny.

By the way, when I say he's a "really cool guy," I'm not necessarily saying I agree with his whole philosopy (as there's too much coldness and un Godliness at its core); only that he does tend to call a spade a spade, as in too many women use men as pension plans and meal tickets, for example.

While I admire his competency and talent, being a really great fry cook is just as admirable as an artist or athlete IMO, and Leykis is very good at what he does, no I do not admire or respect him/his message.

He's an irritating Neanderthal ratings whore and no, I don't admire him at all.

He can occasionally be funny, but in general I find him abrasive, unimaginative and he exemplifies all that I find most abhorrent in the "real man" model this culture idolizes.

I have never heard a more reprehensible hypocrite on the radio in my life.

If you think he's giving you good advice, enjoy your long, pathetic and shallow existence, thinking a woman is nothing but a moist hole for your dick until you die alone and no one cares. By the way, this is coming from a die-hard Howard Stern fan.

What the hell does he know about building a lasting relationship with another person?Not to mention the fact that his whole philosophy is based on the premise that male/female relationships are inherently adversarial and that he's helping the men to "win," which thereby implies that the other half of the people in the relationship have to lose--personally, I think that any time someone "wins" in a marriage both partners lose in the long run.