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BTV News, Enterr 10, Chardikla Time TV, Kasthuri TV, Samaya News and Mh One News" have left.ABS 2 75.0E 12467 V Life OK India, Masala TV, RT English, Comedy Central Asia, Travel XP HDand News 24 have started on , Exset.4/11/16 Cricket is on, Intelsat 19 - 12610V s/r7500 Test Cricket Viceland started on SKY NZ D1 12393 H Sr 22500 Thursday feeds IS 19 12610 V Sr 7500 "ip-uplinks.com" Cricket (not checked may have been H pol) D2 12672 V Sr 7199 "TEN905" news feed for Network Ten D1 12643 V Sr 7199 Baseball feed of ESPN From my Email ..From the Dish JCSAT 3A 128.0E 12468 V AT-X has left.“We work very closely with our colleagues at our sister stations in the United States and Spain to provide this 24-hour coverage of the entire universe,” said Glen Nagle, Education and Public Outreach Manager at the Canberra complex.The DSS36 antenna was unveiled at the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex at the Tidbinbilla tracking station, according to ABC news.Built by NASA at a cost of 0 million AUD ( million), the device is the second of its kind at the complex and forms part of the US space agency’s Deep Space Network which has similar research centers in California and Spain.From asiatvro site 东经108.2度轨道位置的SES 9号卫星Ku频段,东森电影、HBO HD(环宇卫视)等频道解密,设置12401 H 45000参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经108.2度轨道位置的SES 9号卫星Ku频段,Star Movies、Fox Sport 1 HD(环宇卫视)等全组频道加密,设置12460 H 45000参数有条件接收。 [11月3日] 东经75度轨道位置的ABS-2号卫星Ku频段,DD Nationl(印度)频道消失,设置11735 H 44000参数无效接收。 [11月3日] 东经75度轨道位置的ABS-2号卫星Ku频段,News Flash(印度)频道新增,设置11735 H 44000参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经75度轨道位置的ABS-2号卫星Ku频段,Cinema TV替换Nepal 1(印度)频道,设置11735 H 44000参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经108.2度轨道位置的SES 9号卫星Ku频段,东森洋片、Fox(环宇卫视)等频道加密,设置12711 H 45000参数有条件接收。 [11月3日] 东经128.5度轨道位置的老挝1号卫星Ku频段,东方卫视替换CCTV-4(汉语)频道,设置10790 H 40000参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经108.2度轨道位置的SES 9号卫星Ku频段,东森洋片(环宇卫视)频道新增,设置12711 H 45000参数有条件接收。 [11月3日] 东经108.2度轨道位置的SES 9号卫星Ku频段,Boomerang、Fox(环宇卫视)等全组频道消失,设置12591 H 30000参数无效接收。 [11月3日] 东经38度轨道位置的巴星1R号卫星C频段,Neo News(高清)频道改格式,设置4042 V 2800参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经105.5度轨道位置的亚洲7号卫星C频段,G-World替换Dekho TV(巴基斯坦)频道,设置4082 H 3185参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经93.5度轨道位置的G-Sat 15号卫星Ku频段,News State替换DW TV(印度)频道,设置11510 V 29500参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经138度轨道位置的亚太5号卫星Ku频段,新视觉(艺华卫视)频道解密,设置12472 V 33500参数免费接收。 [11月3日] 东经108.2度轨道位置的SES 9号卫星Ku频段,Star Movies、Fox(环宇卫视)等全组频道解密,设置12591 H 30000参数免费接收。 [11月2日] 东经78.5度轨道位置的泰星5号卫星C频段,Dopa Channel(传送)频道新增,设置4048 V 2000参数免费接收。 [11月2日] 东经78.5度轨道位置的泰星5号卫星C频段,MV Lao TV HD(高清)频道消失,设置4064 V 5000参数无效接收。 [11月2日] 东经78.5度轨道位置的泰星5号卫星C频段,Five、MVTV(泰国)频道新增,设置4064 V 5000参数免费接收。 [11月2日] NEWS Australia Launches Giant Deep Space Satellite Antenna From

JCSAT 3A 128.0E 12568 V "Sukachan 0, Sukachan 4 and Sukachan 8" are Fta Palapa D 113.0E 3987 H "Solusi Sehat TV" has left again.Insat 4A 83.0E 3725 H "Tora TV and Aryan have started on, clear. ABS 2 75.0E 12227 H "E 24, R-Vision, [TV 24 test card], National Voice, 9XO, India Watch and Kolkata TV have started on , clear.ABS 2 75.0E 12715 H "Kanal 10 Asia" has started on , Fta.Intelsat 17 66.0E 3966 H "Meenakshi TV and Nambikkai TV" have started on , Fta.

PTV World, Vo A TV Asia, CCTV 9 Documentary, Peace TV Bangla and Peace TV English have left.ABS 2 75.0E 12524 H "Kanal 10 Asia" is back on , Fta.