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Your experienced builder will be able to guide you with estimates based on your specific area.

Permitting Permitting is an area where your builder’s expertise will help immensely.

Your builder will also have experience working with local officials in areas that may require additional permitting such as historical areas, areas adjacent to wetlands, sites on or near ocean front access etc.

The Site Site selection is another factor for consideration.

Obviously, the easier access the least impact to construction timelines. Design Your swimming pool design choices will have an impact on your project timeline.

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Your builder will be able to tell you typical time frames associated with permitting processes unique to your particular area.

An experienced, knowledgeable, local builder will be prepared and able to assist in navigating this process and will have a solid handle on typical time frames at various times of the year.

This is an exciting time in the process & you are ready to see those dreams become your Backyard Reality!

While time of year and geographic location play a major role in the time involved in swimming pool construction, let’s review a few additional determining factors: Weather Weather is the number one factor affecting completion dates of an inground swimming pool projects. Temperature fluctuations in early spring and late fall can also impact the time line.

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You want your swimming pool to be everything you imagined.

Sometimes, this means developing a large design plan that can be implemented in phases that accommodate budgets & desires.

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