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1087 A BILL TO AMEND TITLE 18, UNITED STATES CODE, TO PROHIBIT THE POSSESSION OF A HANDGUN OR AMMUNITION BY, OR THE PRIVATE TRANSFER OF A HANDGUN OR AMMUNITION TO, A JUVENILE WASHINGTON, DC, AND MILWAUKEE, WI JUNE 9 AND SEPTEMBER 13, 1993 Serial No. 103-393 CHILDREN AM) GUP^ yi OLl NCE HEARINGS BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON JUVENILE JUSTICE OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIAKY UNITED STATES SENATE ONE HUNDRED THIRD CONGRESS FIRST SESSION ON S. Senator from the State of Wisconsin 1, 129 Moseley-Braun, Hon. Handgun Control, Inc., and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence 156 ALPHABETICAL LIST AND MATERIAL SUBMITTED Brady, Sarah: Testimony 81, 156 Prepared statement 83 A booklet from the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, 1225 Eye Street, NW., suite 1100, Washington, DC, June, 1993 85 (III) IV Page Attachments: A. — ^Article from the Tribune Newspapers, "Gun-control group supporting cities' weapons ordinances," by Chris Coppola, Tribune writer, Dec. — Article from The Wichita Eagle, "City OKs gun-control law for mi- nors," by Suzanne Perez, Mar. — Letter to concerned citizens, from Parents United — No Children's Handguns! 28, 1991 42 School Security Report, Volume 9, Number 3, January, 1993 45 News Release, "National Fraternal Order of Police," June 18, 1992 51 A chart for 1991 Hunter Education Program Profile 52 Wildlife Laws of Ohio 53 V Page APPENDIX Additional Submissions for the Record Prepared statement from Hon. Herbert Kohl, chair- man of the subcommittee, presiding. I got a letter from a fourth-grade teacher in Mequon, WI, Ms. In her letter, she explained that her class had been studying Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

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1087, a bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the posses- sion of a handgun or ammunition by, or the private transfer of a handgun or ammunition to, a juvenile 3 CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF WITNESSES Wednesday, June 9, 1993 Hon. Hill Hatton, principal, Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School; Dewey R. National Rifle Association of America 69 Sarah Brady, chairperson, Handgun Control, Inc., and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence; accompanied by Dennis Hennigan, general counsel, The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence 81 Friday, September 13, 1993 Panel consisting of David Ledger, Greendale, WI and Verlinda Brown, Mil- waukee, WI 131 Panel consisting of James Doyle, attorney general of the State of Wisconsin; Willie Jude, principal, Madison High School, Milwaukee, WI; Dr. Gerald: Testimony 140 Stokes, Dewey R.: Testimony 21 Prepared statement 23 A draft of a bill from the State of Ohio 25 Photos of different types of guns, "Keep Children Safe," Lock up your Guns! Over the last few years, while we have debated numerous crime bills, gim-related violence has nevertheless increased.

Senator from the State of Maine 6 PROPOSED LEGISLATION S. Senator from the State of Rhode Island 7 Jennifer Ramsay 11 Panel consisting of Janie R. Lamson, director, Federal Affairs, Institute for Legislative Action, National Rifle Association of America; accompanied by Richard Gardiner, legislative counsel. Halim: Testimony 138 Hill Hatton, Janie R.: Testimony 14 Prepared statement 17 Charts from Milwaukee Public Schools: Division of Student Services 19 Guns Confiscated/Expulsions 20 Jude, Willie: Testimony 137 Lamson, Susan R.: Testimony 69 Prepared statement 71 Ledger, David: Testimony 131 Ramsay, Jennifer: Testimony H Saffold, Rev.

Washington, DC 20402 ISBN 0-16-043928-0 Boston Public Library COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY JOSEPH R. LEAHY, Vermont HOWELL HEFLIN, Alabama PAUL SIMON, l Uinois HERBERT KOHL, Wisconsin DUNNE FEINSTEIN, Ca Ufornia CAROL MOSELEY-BRAUN, Illinois Cynthia C. Russell, Staff Director Sally Shafroth, Chief Clerk Mark R. GRASSLEY, Iowa ARLEN SPECTER, Pennsylvania HANK BROWN, Colorado WILLIAM S. These kids dreamed of a future in which no more kids would be killed by guns.

Disler, Minority Staff Director Sharon Prost, Chief Counsel ORRIN G. COHEN, Maine LARRY PRESSLER, South Dakota Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice HERBERT KOHL, Wisconsin, Chairman JOSEPH R. COHEN, Maine CAROL MOSELEY-BRAUN, Illinois LARRY PRESSLER, South Dakota Joel Haubrich, Legislative Aide and Chief Clerk Jon Leibowitz, Chief Counsel and Staff Director ill) CONTENTS Hearings held on: Page Wednesday, June 9, 1993, Washington, DC 1 Friday, September 13, 1993, Milwaukee, WI 129 STATEMENTS OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS Biden, Hon. One student wrote, "Children are killing each other too much.

The Circuit has a very attractive Monte Carlo stock (I guess a synthetic stock will be introduced at a later date).A cylinder guard on the left side of the gun prevents gas and flames from scorching your arm.