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13-Apr-2016 17:09

Site was launched in 2005, operates on the principle of social networks, and offers a variety of affiliate programs for resource owners, giving the opportunity to earn. The motto of the project sounded like “Meet effortlessly.” Youth Site believes its core audience of girls 16-25 years old. RU The project started in 2002 as a service for singles on a cell phone, but then dramatically changed the concept. Sections of the site largely identical interface competitors, and even someone inferior.Categories of service standard for online dating sites, portal distinguishes only a very complex system of forums where you can discuss almost any question. Thus, the messaging system on the site only works if the user stays online service, operating on the principle ICQ online yet. RU The site of about 5 000 000 profiles simultaneously online 20 thousand people. Ubiquitous “Google” will give the answer to this question – you are on the site.

Trusted Online dating services to find Beautiful Single Russian Women for marriage & relationship. The portal audience exceeds 12 million daily visits the site of 2 million unique users online at the same time is more than 100 000 people.The test result should be the selection of a partner, ideally suited for you (service charge). Those looking for fleeting relationships, on the main page of the site is recommended to apply to other resources. RU More than 700,000 questionnaires, both online 500-1000 people.Legends about these services, there are many, the views – diametrically opposed.Some argue that the search for a serious relationship in the global network is impossible, others – that can meet the love anywhere and Internet as a medium of communication is no worse than other options.

Offered as a free service deployment photos and profiles, exchange messages with other users, and paid subscription newsletter new profiles and constant movement of the questionnaire in the first place display. RU The oldest Russian Internet dating site belongs to the holding e House.In 2012, the site has started a major reconstruction to get rid of the status of “service for singles for one night.” 2. RU Number of users of the site is about the same as that of the Mamba.ru, but the number of daily visitors is much smaller. He began work in 2001 as a means to explore using the games.

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Once considered a realm inhabited only by the socially awkward, online dating is now just another tool in the toolbox, no matter whether you’re looking for a hook-up or your soulmate.....… continue reading »

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