10 rules dating my daughter application

08-Feb-2016 17:15

That evil witch who put Rapunzel high away from the world and prevented her from coming down was actually pretty smart.But until I build a 5-story high stone tower, I need to have a set of rules that all young men wanting to date my daughter must follow. These are really important rules, not only for Fathers to have available for any prospects who came by, but also for any young man who is in the dating age.I actually trust that God is better able to reach their hearts in this way than I am by smothering them with rules about being someone’s wife or parent when they are 10.At least Christians will not cut your head off for being gay like muslims will christian rules for dating my daughter .It laid down rules from the perspective of a father to the prospective boyfriend of a daughter.I’ve tried to modernize the rules a bit and make them more appropriate.

But it was the subject matter that got my interest.But even though he is no longer in school if I found out it was being pushed our our children I would be the first one there to stop it. The fact that she reaches a different conclusion than you doesnt mean she just hasnt thought about it enough.Either way were both in limbo at this point and I feel that there is a reason a deeper reason why he hasnt filed which keeps me praying for godly reconciliation.

I am very tempted to actually have this set of rules available when my daughters hit the dating age.

Unless, of course, I lock them all away in a tower.