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26-Jan-2015 05:00

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The CEOP Centre has found that of those victims, seven children seriously self-harmed or attempted suicide and seven children took their own life.

The CEOP centre also found that not only are children made to exchange sexual images and videos of themselves but also forced to perform other acts live on webcam including writing degrading statements on their body and cutting themselves.

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The centre has been involved in 12 operations in the past two years where blackmailing children into performing sexual acts has been a clear motive of the offender.

During that period, 424 children including 184 children from the UK were victims of online sexual blackmail.

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Once the child has sent an image, the offender can blackmail them for more.

Andy Baker, Deputy Chief Executive at the CEOP centre, said: “These offenders are cowards.

Children are often blackmailed into doing this as the offender threatens to share naked pictures of them with family and friends unless they do as they are told.

Offenders are assuming a fake identity and often pretending to be a child and initially target children on open chat sites before moving them into private areas where conversations become more sexualized.

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